Featured Stock: Impressive Antique Wall Mirrors

We hope you are well! For this post we have decided to share some of the impressive wall mirrors we have in stock at the moment. We have a wealth of sizes, styles, and functions, from which we have compiled a selection our larger wall mirrors below. So, if you are looking for something smaller, or even just to see what else we have (including toilet mirrors and cheval mirrors), you can click here to view the full ‘mirrors’ category on our site.

Below is a little history and information on their functions, but you can skip this and scroll to the bottom of this post to get straight to browsing! We have ordered them from the largest in size first, and just click the images to view them on our site.

The mirrors in this selection date from circa 1800 to 1920 and would have decorated grand homes, having been designed to suit the architecture and design movements throughout this period of time. Here are summaries on some of the types of mirrors below:

  • Overmantel mirrors were created to fill the empty space between the mantelpiece and the ceiling, and assisted in making the room feel larger and brighter.
  • Girandole mirrors (see the French Girandole mirror at the bottom of this newsletter) emerged in the 19th century and have candle arms attached, where the candlelight would be reflected to illuminate the room.
  • Convex mirrors, also termed ‘butlers eyes’, were typically used in dining rooms. The convex shape creates an interesting reflection, making subjects seem smaller while covering a larger area of ‘surveillance’ if you will.Perfect for the butlers overseeing dinner service.
  • Pier mirrors were designed to fit on a ‘pier’ space (for example, a wall between two windows), and often above pier cabinets. Again, these were perfect in maximising the daylight and making a room feel larger.
  • We also have some beautiful pairs of mirrors in stock, which provide decoration, balance, and symmetry to your interior designs.

Enjoy browsing and we hope you find something of interest. Just click the images to view the full listings. If anything catches your eye please get in touch, we will be delighted to assist.

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