Featured Stock: Antique Cabinets & Credenzas

At the end of last year, our team of French polishers were busy cleaning and waxing many of our cabinets and credenzas, bringing them back to their former glory. We thought we simply must share these with you! See below to browse some of these (in stock at the time of publishing), or click here to head straight to the category on our website to view our full range of these pieces.

Credenzas are versatile pieces, most commonly used as dining room sideboards or display cabinets. They are usually made of polished wood such as burr walnut and kingwood, and decorated with intricate details using marquetry, carvings, and ormolu fixtures. As you might guess, the term ‘credenza’ originates from Italy, and this meant ‘belief’ or ‘trust’. This is because in the 16th century, this piece of furniture helped provide the platform for servants to first test food and drinks for poison before serving important figures including nobility, popes, and cardinals.

Nowadays a credenza is mostly used in a home dining room or restaurant. However, these pieces are equally as functional being used as sideboards in other rooms. The curved sides are great for assisting the flow in hallways and places with heavy foot traffic, and also provide excellent storage as well as beautiful interior decoration.

Enjoy browsing and we hope you find something of interest. Just click the images below to view the full listings. If anything catches your eye please get in touch, we will be delighted to assist.

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