Ormolu Mounted Brass and Crystal Chandelier


Ref: 23050
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Circa 1880, ormolu mounted brass and crystal chandelier.  With its original candle sconces, but it can be wired for electricity.  The shaped top features swags, crystals of glass with droplets, and beneath this are rising curled arms from which beads of glass taper down to reach every other candle sconce.  Inside this is a circular bezel with drops and a glass section, where the twist of glass tapers and is fluted, with the shaft of the chandelier inside.  Just beneath this there is a section with long, rococo double arms, with shorter ones in a similar style, and then 12 arms coming from this. Each of the candle holders has a small tray beneath it, with drops and glass spears.  The underside of these rococo arms are festooned with glass threads between them and in the centre there is a large bulbous fluted glass section which finishes with a stylish shaped finial. It is also finished in glass, and as the trails of glass are fixed to the arms, at the base of each one it is a droplet almost in the form of a pear and these taper towards the centre of the chandelier.


  • Size 92 cm high x 65 cm wide