Regency Rosewood Teapoy


Ref: 22741
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Circa 1815, Regency rosewood and brass inlaid teapoy, probably by William Trotter of Edinburgh.  The teapoy is in the form of a sarcophagus shaped box with a raised lid, moulded edge and brass inlay. On the fore edge of the top there is also double brass inlay and where the hinge opens this continues down the front of the teapoy.  Inside on the left hand side there are 3 removable rosewood compartments with boxwood lining on the edges. In the centre there are 2 circular apertures for the mixing bowls, which are missing.  On the right hand side there is a faux triple lidded top with a turned ivory handle, which lifts off to show a mixing bowl underneath with a perforated bottom. It is assumed that the mixing bowls were held over this and because of the value of the tea this was another area to gather any loose tea. On the right hand side there is a small brass pin. When this is removed and the secondary mixing trays taken out, there is a drawer beneath this which is removable to retain the spilled tea. The body of the teapoy again has brass inlay all around and the classic Trotter beading on all sides and the front. Beneath the top is a tapering block with beaded sections, and the whole piece stands on 4 elegant sabre legs with double brass inlay finishing on very stylish brass toe and brass castors.  An unusual piece of Scottish or Edinburgh furniture.


  • 80cm high x 50cm wide x 34cm deep.