Rare Outsized Octagonal Dining Table by Squirrelman Hutchinson (one of the “Yorkshire critters”)


Ref: 33190
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Circa 1960.  Rare outsized octagonal dining table by Squirrelman Hutchinson (one of the “Yorkshire critters”). The 4cm thick adzed solid hexagonal top in a beautifully figured quarter-cut oak with lovely colour and patina. Supported on a pedestal base with 4 shaped supports chamfered platforms, with a squirrel carved in one. Will comfortably seat 8 diners.


The Yorkshire Critters or Critter Carvers comprise of over 40 craftsman, working from the 1940s to the present day, who made oak furniture inspired by Robert “Mouseman” Thompson of Kilburn Yorkshire. Many of these Critter Carvers actually trained in Thompson’s Kilburn workshop before setting up their own craft shops. Using the same oak material, traditional hand tools and traditional; techniques (especially adzed surfaces) as Mouseman Thompson, each craftsman created a signature carved ‘critter’ such as an animal (woodpecker, squirrel or beaver, i.e. Woodpeckerman, Squirrelman or Beaverman), acorn  or human icon (e.g. Knight or Viking) to decorate and act as a signature and identify their oak pieces. The historical significance of Mouseman Thompson’s designs and style, the fine craftmanship, functional nature and beauty of Yorkshire Critter Carver’s oak furniture is enduring, and is reflected in the continued demand and robust prices for these items

Ex-Mouseman craftsman Wilf ‘Squirrelman’ Hutchinson established his own business in Husthwaite near Thirsk in 1957 




  • 137cm diameter x 75cm tall