Walnut Adjustable Reading Table


Product Description

Circa 1900, walnut patent action adjustable reading table. On the underside there are remnants of an enamel and copper maker’s label which says “Patentee & Manufacturer, Carter of London “. The rectangular top has side galleries left and right, and a ratchet arm underneath for adjusting both left, right and height. The square arm has ribbing on one side with the ratchet mechanism on the rise and fall. The main body of the table has a circular block which is hollow in the centre. At the top of the block there is a metal bracket with ‘Carter’s Patent, London’ on it and this metal section lifts for the adjustment of the table height. The canon barrel column fits into an unusual elongated base which stands on 3 cast iron and brown porcelain castors. The table is clean and stylish. Quite useful as it will slide under the legs of a chair and underneath the bed it can be used.


  • 92cm high max, 64cm minimum x 81cm wide x 43cm deep.

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