Sheraton Style Inlaid Mahogany Barometer


Product Description

Circa 1900, Sheraton style inlaid mahogany barometer. The stylish architectural broken pediment top has a finial in the centre in the form of an urn. The main body has a chequered satinwood and ebony inlay. At the top is a large inlaid flower head and two shell inlays further down. In between is a thermometer encased in a proud mahogany frame and glazed at the front, with a silver background with the readings. The main body has a circular metal face with the name ‘W.Roberton, Glasgow’. This is contained in a brass bezel with a mahogany roundel outside this. Beneath this is a further flower head inlay similar to that on the top. The movement in barometer is aneroid and it is working.


  • 104cm high.

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