Korean Wood and Brass Mounted Cabinet


Product Description

Circa 1920, Korean wood and brass mounted cabinet. It is engraved with a foliate pattern and a Buddhist swastika symbol in open pierce work. The swastika is an ancient religious icon of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, and can be seen at several Buddhist sites and across certain religious artefacts in Korea. It symbolises auspiciousness within the Buddhist tradition, and good luck within Hinduism.
There is a configuration of 3 drawers beneath the top, above a pair of large doors in the centre and 4 drawers beneath this, each covered profusely with brass banding in various patterns of insects and butterflies. The cabinet has 1 shelf with a scooped section for larger items to be fit inside the cabinet. The flared base and shaped apron finish on bracket feet.


  • 109cm high x 48cm wide x 122cm deep

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