Oak Mirror Back Sideboard


Product Description

Circa 1880, an exhibition quality oak mirror back sideboard. The bevel edged mirror is in the centre and above this is a nice architectural pediment with its carved panels with half flower heads at the top. There are 2 shelves on the outside section held in place by brackets with open sections and full carved columns beneath. Between the top and bottom shelf there is a carved section and another bevel edged mirror. These are supported by a continuation of turned and fluted columns that are attached to the sideboard. There is a serving area with a moulded edge that continues to the underside. The panels at the side are fielded and flat, and the front edge is ribbed. The ribbing continues across the front of the sideboard, framing the 2 doors. There are 3 doors at the front, with 1 longer sized one and 2 smaller doors. These doors have cast brass handles and an open fretwork back, with a mixture of carving across them. There is a large open section in the centre with a shelf on each side and quarter brackets. There is a good storage space inside. The left and right side doors have 3 carved panels and are all solid oak. Beneath this there is a large moulding, and the whole piece stands on 4 large squat bun feet.


  • Size 237cm high x 198cm wide x 66cm deep.

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