Regency Triptych Overmantel Mirror


Product Description

Circa 1815, Regency triptych overmantel mirror. With its large concave cornice, breakfront section at the end of this and further gilt ball around the sides. It has two pilasters crowned with classic Corinthian capitals in full relief and there are three painted panels either side. They are painted in gilded plaster with a grey background. There are musical instruments with foliate carving around them and the centre section has some classical figures; cherubs, animals and trees. Beneath are the bevelled edge mirrors, one large in the centre and two smaller either side, separated by a gild beading. As the pilasters continue down there is downward facing blue bell drops and a fluted column, tapering and coming to a ring turning section, where the entire piece stands on an enclosed plinth following the form of the columns, pilasters and mirrors.


  • Size 91 cm high x 124 cm wide x 12 cm deep

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