French Sedan Shaped 5 Glass Clock


Ref: 30767
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Circa 1870, an unusual and stylish French 5 glass gilt bronze mantle clock, in the high Rococo taste, the cartouche shaped case enclosed in the painted and enamel dial with Arabic numbers, suspending an unusual pendulum with painted portrait of a lady in the bob, the stamped movement ‘Japy Feres’ Paris, striking on a gong.

Japy Freres, Japys Freres & Co Paris, Japy Freres & Cier.
Japy Freres was founded in 1806 by Frédéric and his sons.
Frédéric Japy (1749-1812) was a pioneer in the “art” of industrialisation and manufacturing. Watches/clocks were made individually, by hand, by one or more people and then assembled. Japy Freres manufactured their clocks and watches in one place on a production line using machines made by themselves. This meant faster production and lower affordable prices.


  • 37cm High x 18cm Wide x 12cm deep