Victorian Oval Gilt Wall Mirror / Girandole


Product Description

Circa 1860, mid Victorian oval gilt wall mirror/girandole, with an elaborate carved and gilded frame. At the top there is a large gilded bouquet of flowers which is held in place by a foliate carving which scrolls away. From this there are 2 scrolling arms with carved flower heads at the end which continue to fall down and as it finishes becomes bell drops which taper and diminish as they head down towards the side of the mirror. The frame itself is quite elaborate with several different patterns around the glass. There is an ogee moulding and slight pattern, a foliate pattern and then a beaded pattern on the outside. Half way down the mirror left and right there is a pair of double armed candelabra. They hang from Rococo style foliate carvings and rise up to a fluted column with a flower head at the top which has an open aperture to the top to hold the candles. At the base of the mirror there is a rectangular flower head and Rococo foliate carving on each side with a further tapering piece in the centre to finish the mirror and to give it symmetry with its focal point on the top. The mirror retains its original plate glass. The gilding is excellent, good colour, stable, clean and stylish.




  • 173cm high x 130cm wide.

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